Area 51 News 2011/2012

This page is dedicated to the great experiences that our Area 51 clubs and Toastmasters have shared with each other during the years 2011/2012.

August 28, 2011
Valley Town Toastmasters is one of four clubs in AREA 51.
The other clubs are Ambitious City, Brant and McMaster Toastmasters.
Last year, one of the clubs almost folded while two others struggled with membership growth.
However, we all worked really well together and ended the year on a strong note.
That momentum seems to have carried over into this year.
Right now, all four AREA 51 clubs have great membership numbers and are moving forward with excellent programs.
Besides having one of the highest membership growth rates in District 86, AREA 51 is the only area that can boast that it has 100% of its club officers trained.
So, it was quite a coincidence to see that Popular Mechanics Magazine was inquiring into the Roswell version of Area 51.
Or was it?
Because that guy on the front cover looks a lot like our own Area 51 Governor Ken Klunder.
Excellent work, Governor Ken, but the next time you offer to "pick us up", we'll drive.