Builder's Page

This page is dedicated to those who have contributed ideas or items for the betterment of Valley Town Toastmasters.

Timing Lights
On Thursday, February 18, 2010, Kenrick Chin presented new "timing lights" to Valley Town Toastmasters.

Incorporating LED lights on the front and automatic timer controls on the back, these new lights will aid both the speaker and the timer.

A great gift from a great Toastmaster and friend!

Collapsible Lectern
January 27, 2011
Kenrick Chin revealed his latest creation - a collapsible wooden Toastmaster lectern.
This lectern can be assembled and diasassembled within moments, as can be seen in the below photo.
Its design allows for easier transportation and storage.
Built of solid wood with ingenuity, the collapsible lectern is another example of Kenrick's dedication to excellence while supporting Valley Town Toastmasters.
Thank you, Kenrick!
Golden Toaster
On Friday, February 18, 2011, the Golden Toaster was "returned" to Area 51 by Kenrick Chin.
Kenrick is pictured in the centre of the the left photo presenting the Golden Toaster to David T Shaw (right) of McMaster Toastmasters as the 1st winner as a result of his first place finish in the International Speech Contest.
Tom Bering, contest chair and also from the deserving McMaster club, is shown looking on with good cheer!
Click on Golden Toaster for more information.

Travelling Toaster
August 18, 2011
Our big feature this year in the Cactus Festival was the Travelling Toaster - a mobile facsimile of a large slice of toasted bread that would pop up and down as it moved along the parade route.
Kenrick Chin, who designed and built the Travelling Toaster, is pictured above as he drove along King Street during the parade.
For more information, go to Cactus Festival 2011.

November 1, 2012
At this meeting, Valley Town Toastmasters were presented with a special gift from Kelly Massie of Stoney Creek.
Kelly made a 76 centimeter (30") gavel for our club with a plaque on its head.
In Toastmasters, the gavel represents an individual's right to speak.
With the Giant Gavel, Valley Town Toastmasters will continue to honour that spirit in a big way!
Kelly is pictured receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Karen Wood, President of Valley Town Toastmasters.
Our club will plan to use the Giant Gavel at special meetings and ceremonies.
Thank you, Kelly!

Folding Lectern for Youths

January 12, 2014

Al Wood, husband of respected Toastmaster, Karen (pictured in photo), graciously donated a folding lectern for the Valley Town's Youth Leadership Program.

Ingeniously designed and skillfully constructed, this folding lectern will help showcase our members' commitment to the youth of our community.

Thank you, Al!