Cactus Festival 2011

The Cactus Festival had two separate events: the Parade and the Festival.
Valley Town Toastmasters were pleased to participate in both of them.
August 18, 2011
Valley Town Toastmasters participated in its fourth Cactus Festival Parade by walking, e-biking and "toasting" through downtown Dundas.
Toastmasters from four clubs and some friends out-waited the thunder storm and rain that preceded the parade.
On cue, the clouds parted and the sun reappeared just in time for the parade to start.
Our big feature this year was the Travelling Toaster - a mobile facsimile of a large slice of toasted bread that would pop up and down as it moved along the parade route.
Kenrick Chin, who designed and built the Travelling Toaster, is pictured above as he drove along King Street.
Jonathan Spiegel rode escort on one of Kenrick's e-bikes as Melissa Chan and her friend, Jing Jing, followed at the end of our procession.
Special Thanks to our Parade Participants:
David T. Shaw, McMaster Toastmaster
Geneva Neale, Valley Town Toastmasters
Grace Trushinski, Hamilton No. 1 Toastmasters
Jim Panoff, Valley Town Toastmasters
Jing Jing (Melissa's friend)
Jonathan Spiegel, Valley Town Toastmasters
Karen Wood, Valley Town Toastmasters
Ken Klunder (Area 51 Governor), Brant Toastmasters
Kenrick Chin, Valley Town Toastmasters
Maybelline (Sergio's wife)
Melissa Chan, Valley Town Toastmasters
Sergio DiGiovanni, Valley Town Toastmasters
Tony Bratschitsch, Valley Town Toastmasters
William (Jonathan's friend)
August 19 - 21, 2011
Thousands of people flooded the main street of Dundas during the 36th Cactus Festival - one of the Top 10 of Ontario's 2,000 annual festivals.
Valley Town Toastmasters participated with an information pavilion for the third straight year.
Supported by Toastmasters from neighbouring clubs, Valley Town's club members spoke to dozens of interested people from southern Ontario about the benefits of "speaking with confidence".
One delightful visitor was Member of Parliament David Sweet (Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale), pictured on the right in the above photo.
Standing with David is Kenrick Chin (left in photo), the designer and builder of the acclaimed Travelling Toaster and Tony Bratschitsch (centre), Division L Governor.
The Toastmaster Information Pavilion was located in the centre of the festival and was operated from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon by many Toastmasters.
Pictured in the above photo, taken Friday PM, from left to right, is David T Shaw (McMaster Toastmasters), District 86 Historian and Division L Secretary, Carl Wais (Valley Town Toastmasters), Tony Bratschitsch and Abeer Musleh (Valley Town Toastmasters).
Special Thanks to our Pavilion Participants:
Abeer Musleh (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Carl Wais (Valley Town Toastmasters)
David T Shaw (McMaster Toastmasters)
Gary Wyber (Judy Shepalo's husband)
Gerri McManamy (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Grace Trushinski (Hamilton No. 1 Toastmasters)
Judi Kruzins (Midday Marrauders Toastmasters)
Judy Shepalo (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Karen Wood (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Kenrick Chin (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Maureen Hills (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Murray Slaney (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Penny Batey (Brampton Toastmasters), Division A Governor
Richard Parrish (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Tony Bratschitsch (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Yolanda Miller (Valley Town Toastmasters)
Thank you to Kenrick Chin and Richard Parrish for the photos.
Tony Bratschitsch,
Aug 22, 2011, 8:21 AM