Club Debates

 An entertaining and informative debate is not an accident and does not happen by coincidence.
It requires planning, education, participation, practice and execution.
If done well, the debate process will help all those actively involved in learning and improving skills in speaking, listening, evaluating and leadership.
Pictured above is Gary Reid, ATM, Valley Town Toastmasters VP Education (2008 - ), addressing the club during an information session.

December 9, 2010 - In preparation for the Area 51 "Great Debate", Valley Town Toastmasters conducted a formal "In-Club" debate of its own.

The resolution was: That Canada's preventing the Potash Corporation takeover by BHP Billiton is justified."

Mark Mullins (ACG, CL) was the Chief Judge and is pictured above reviewing the rules with the two debate teams.

The "affirmative" team of Kenneth MacKinnon and Monica Kras (left in above photo) were matched against the "negative" team of Gerri McManamy (CC) and Judy Shepalo.

There were three phases to this debate, each carefully evaluated by judges and monitored by a timer.

Phase 1: Constructive Presentations
Phase 2: Cross Examinations
Phase 3: Refutations and Rebuttals

Monica Kras is pictured in the photo on the right opening with the 1st presentation of the Phase 1.

Judy Shepalo is pictured in the left with her Phase 1 presentation on behalf of the "negative" team.

Valley Town Toastmasters were able to enjoy a well prepared demonstration of excellent debating skills by the four superb participants.

In attendance were our members from our good friendly neighbouring clubs, Ambitious City Toastmasters and McMaster Toastmasters.

April 8, 2010: Valley Town Toastmasters had a club debate on whether to lower the urban speed limit to 40 km/h. Our club follows Toastmasters International's formal Rules of Debate where teams of two debaters forward presentations, rebuttals, refutations, cross examinations and summaries.

Jonathan Spiegel, DTM,  is pictured above making his presentation for lowering the speed limit on behalf of his team including Ken MacKinnon (far right). Gerri McManany, Debate Moderator, is sitting between Jonathan and Ken.

Karen Wood, CC, is seen defending her team's position on maintaining higher speed limits during a cross examination by Ken MacKinnon. Her teammate, Mark Mullins, ACG, is pictured in the top photo on the far left.