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The Mistle Toasts

It started from a discussion in a "committee of the whole" during a business meeting in October, 2008.  Within an amazing short span of approximately 15 minutes, the Valley Town Toastmasters planned their Christmas party and planted the seeds of developing a band to provide live entertainment.

Cam Goede, far right, volunteered to be the chair of the music committee and The Mistle Toasts were born.

The three other members are Kenrick Chin, far left, James Ferris, centre, and Mark Mullins (behind Kenrick but also represented in the large photo to the right of Cam).

The below links are videos from our Christmas party of December 11, 2008, at Mark & Carrie Mullins' home.

Three video cameras were recording the performance and the below links are from the camera with the poorest quality. While the audio is aacceptable, the video is disappointing.

However, we will attach the higher quality versions as soon as they are available.


The Mistle Toasts (Part 1)  This is a 2 minute Windows Media file.

The Mistle Toasts (Part 2)  This is a 31 minute video link to MSN Soapbox.

The Mistle Toasts (Part 3)  This is a 9 minute video link to Youtube.

HIGHER RESOLUTION (Part 1)  This is the 1st of Kenrick Chin's videos.