Event Planning

Newest posting (April 2017): a template for planning club events composed by Karen Wood, ACS, ALS)

Toastmaster events cater to the needs of the members.

We all know what it is like to take a Saturday away from our families in order to attend an event.

It is essential to plan, prepare and deliver a well-organized event to our membership.

A high standard of event planning confirms the core values of Toastmasters International:
  • Dedication to excellence
  • Integrity
  • Service to the member
  • Respect for the individual

This page is dedicated to the Valley Town Toastmasters who have selflessly contributed their talents, time and good will to achieving the core values of Toastmasters International through excellent event planning.

Many of the items that we have developed for this, such as Operating Procedures, Registration Forms, and Table Signs can be found on our Education Centre (Event Planning) and as attachments to these pages.

We welcome and invite our friends from other Toastmaster clubs to freely use these items and we would appreciate your comments.


June 9, 2012

In support of our club member, Division L Governor Tony Bratschitsch, Valley Town Toastmasters hosted the division's Phase I Club Officer Training at Bishop Tonnos High School in Ancaster.

In what turned out to be the best attended division training session in memory, 145 people participated in officer training and special work shops.

Planning, organizing and administering such an event requires considerable team work.

Food and beverages have to be prepared, rooms have to be set up with signage and all of the attendees have to be registered within 30 minutes.

These tasks were well performed by these members of Valley Town Toastmasters:

Beverley Featherstone
Carl Wais
Karen Wood
Kate Cave
Kenrick Chin
Judy Shepalo
Jurek Smolen
Murray Slaney
Tony Bratschitsch

Karen Wood (Secretary) and Kenrick Chin (Treasurer) also provided officer training sessions.

Thank you, everyone.

Valley Town proud!

March 30, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters hosted the DIVISION L INTERNATIONAL SPEECH & EVALUATION CONTESTS on Friday evening at its meeting location, the Dundas Town Hall Upper Auditorium.
160 Toastmasters and guests from the 30 clubs throughout Division L attended to support the winners of the seven Areas in their attempt to advance to the District 86 finals in Richmond Hill on May 4-6, 2012.
Many members from Valley Town helped with the event by setting up the room, preparing food, and administrating the contests, themselves.
Mark Mullins, from Valley Town Toastmasters, was the Contest Chair for the Evaluation Contest.
Mark is pictured in the above photo on the far left with the finalists.
This was the largest event that our club has handled and most likely was a record contest turnout for Division L.
Congratulations to all of those from Valley Town who contributed to the betterment of Toastmasters.
Valley Town Proud!
Amy Hunter, Chief Timer, Food Preparation
Beverley Featherstone, Registrar, Timer
Karen Wood, Administrator, Counter
Kate Cave, Administrator, Counter
Kenrick Chin, Timer, Equipment
Mark Mullins, Contest Chair
Maureen Hills, Registrar, Counter
Murray Slaney, Sergeant-At-Arms, Equipment
Tony Bratschitsch, Event Chair, Division L Governor

January 21, 2012
Sometimes, we can measure our growth by how well we work as a team.
We were able to do so at the 2011 Division L Phase II Club Officer Training (COT) session conducted at Bishop Tonnos High School.
Eleven of our club members were involved in the planning, organization, presentation, registration and set-up of this busy event.
For example, our registration team was able to accomodate 120 Toastmaster registrations with 30 minutes with minimal delay to the trainees.
Two of our club members, Karen Wood and Kenrick Chin, also presented the training for the Secretary and Treasurer positions.
Four of our club members, Tony Bratschitsch (Division L Governor), Kenrick Chin, Evelyn MacDonald and Beverley Featherstone are pictured in this photo by the "Express Registration" table.
Toastmasters who had not previously registered online were warmly greeted by Valley Town's Geneva Neale (left) and Amy Hunter at one of the "New Registrations" table.
 To reduce line-ups and waiting time for registering Toastmasters, a second "New Registrations" table was administered by Phyllis Miller (left) and Maureen Hills.
A substantial amount of work was required to set up the tables and chairs in the registration area and inside the main meeting room.
Murray Slaney was a moral and physical pillar of strength in getting everything properly prepared in time for the start of the meeting.
At 9:00 AM sharp, the Phase II Club Officer Training started with our club president and Division L Governor Tony Bratschitsch addressing the large audience of Toastmasters.
Thank you to the following:
Amy Hunter
Beverley Featherstone
Evelyn MacDonald
Geneva Neale
Karen Wood
Kenrick Chin
Marie-Louise Kallsen
Maureen Hills
Murray Slaney
Phyllis Miller
Tony Bratschitsch
Valley Town Proud!

October 21, 2011
Valley Town Toastmasters hosted the Division L Table Topics and Humorous Speech Contests on this Friday evening in our meeting room - the upper auditorium in the Dundas Town Hall.
The attendance exceeded our expectations with over 130 Toastmasters arriving from 30 clubs from Niagara Falls through Oakville.
Valley Town's Gary Reid was the Chief Judge of the Humour Speech Contest during the second-half of the event.
Gary is shown in the centre of the photo on the left explaining the rules to the audience.
Jonathan Spiegel performed very well in the Table Topics Contest, representing our club and Area 51.
 Mark Mullins, also from Valley Town, was the Chair for the Humorous Speech Contest.
Mark is shown in the photo on the right interviewing the seven contestants.
The overall meeting was chaired by our Tony Bratschitsch, Division L Governor.
Valley Town Toastmasters wishes to acknowledge and thank all of its following members for organizing and staging this memorable event:
Abeer Musleh (Registrar and Counter)
Amy Hunter (Chief Timer)
Beverley Featherstone (Registrar and Counter)
Beverley Reid (Judge)
Gary Reid (Contest Chief Judge)
Geneva Neale (Registrar and Counter)
Imelda Esporlas-Jewer
Jonathan Spiegel (Set-Up)
Karen Wood (Judge)
Kenrick Chin (Wrap-Up)
Marie-Louise Kallsen (Timer)
Mark Mullins (Contest Chair)
Maureen Hills (Registrar and Timer)
Tony Bratschitsch (Event Chair)
Yolanda Miller (Caligrapher)
Thank you to Beverley and Gary Reid for bring those three cakes!
Thank you to those who helped with preparing and placing the food.
Valley Town Proud!


Registrations, District 86 Phase 2 Training
December 4, 2010

Valley Town Toastmasters were honoured and privileged to provide the registration services for the district training at Bishop Tonnos High School in Ancaster.

Karen Wood (CC) offered to chair the event planning and, with her team, provided a well prepared and superbly executed process that ensured that incoming Toastmasters were quickly and efficiently registered.

Importantly, payments were properly collected and accounted for which also contributed to the overall success of the district training.

This registration process featured a table near the school entrance with registration forms and two Toastmasters to greet and guide attendees.

Upon filling in the registration forms at the table, attendees were directed to two Registration Tables each having a team of two members to ensure accurate registrations and payments.

Pre-registrants (online) were guided to the Pre-Registered Table also having a team of two members.

Registration & Payment Forms were designed for simple and efficient processing and Table Signs were located for quick guidance.

After the training session, an Operating Procedure was drafted, reviewed and printed for future reference.

The Operating Procedure, forms and signs can be located at our
Education Centre (Event Planning) and as attachments at the bottom of this page.

Karen Wood (CC), Registration Chair, is pictured in the below photo being recognized for her leadership by District 86 Lt. Governor Education & Training Avis Brodie, DTM (right in photo).

Thank you to our Valley Town Toastmaster team!

Beverley Reid
Gary Reid (ATM)
Geneva Neale (ACG, CL)
Imelda Esporlas-Jewer (CC)
John Martin
Karen Wood (CC), Chair
Kate Cave, Assistant Chair
Kaylee Wagner
Kenneth MacKinnon
Kenrick Chin (ACB)
Mark Grottoli
Richard Parrish
Tony Bratschitsch (ACS, ACB)

Also, thank you to Mingliang Ma from Ambitious City Toastmasters for working as an integral part of the registration team.

Additional thanks to the three Toastmasters from Valley Town and the one Toastmaster from Ambitious City who were on "stand-by" in case they were needed.

Tony Bratschitsch,
Dec 6, 2010, 6:48 PM