Participation in community fairs is very important for clubs like Valley Town Toastmasters.
They serve three purposes:
            • Develop community awareness
            • Help club members bond
            • Serve as a part of the ongoing membership drive

April 6, 2013
For the 2nd year in a row, Valley Town Toastmasters participated in the Dundas Home & Lifestyle Fair, presented by the Rotary Club of Dundas, at the Lions Community Centre.
Once again, the club had an opportunity to develop community awareness while trying to build membership.
Pictured working our exhibit booth is Esther Smith, Vice-President Public Relations and Jonathan Spiegel.
Other club members volunteered their time throughout the day-long event to talk to visitors about the benefits of Toastmaster membership.
This event also gave individual members a chance to show case their own businesses and other community event participation.
 Judy Shepalo of our club also had an exhibit booth, marketing her realty "service package" to prospective clients, such as senior citizens.
Judy is pictured along with her husband and our good friend, Gary Wyber.
Allyson Wenzowski
(left in photo) was also at the Home Show representing the Hamilton Conservation Foundation.
Particularly, Allyson is specializing with the new exciting Dundas Eco-Park project.
Sue Wunderlich is pictured with her son, David, at her "healthy choice" food exhibit.
She also had an opportunity to act as a spokeperson for a local restaurant, giving her a chance to enhance her public presentation skills.
Sue is pictured being interviewed by local radio personalities regarding the restaurant's cuisinary attractions.
Thank you to the following members who provided assistance to our exhibit throughout the day:
Abeer Musleh
Esther Smith
Kenrick Chin
Patricia Cirillo
Tony Bratschitsch

March 24, 2012
Jonathan Spiegel (left in photo) and Tony Bratschitsch were working the club's information table during the busy event.

On centre stage throughout the show, Allyson Wenzowski and Viola Mueller, in their capacity as Rotarians, regaled the large audiences with fashion presentations involving radio personalities and local business people.

Abeer Musleh
proudly show cased her newly launched business, Home Staging Accents, which provides services to improve homing showings and sales.
Judy Shepalo, a reknown and respected real estate agent was also demonstrating her specialty services which is dedicated to serving seniors during transitions in life.
Not pictured in this story but also working at the show was Mark Mullins in the Dundas Tennis Club's booth.
Valley Town Toastmasters are grateful to the Rotary Club of Dundas for the opportunity to show our successes to the community.

Valley Town Proud!