Festival Fun 2009

Cactus Festival is Tops!

Dundas' very own Cactus Festival has been recognized as one of the top events of Ontario's 2,000 festivals. For the last two years, Valley Town Toastmasters have participated in the Cactus Festival along with other neighbouring clubs.

2009 Cactus Festival

Thousands of visitors from southern Ontario packed the streets of downtown Dundas during the 2009 Dundas Cactus Festival, August 13 - 16.

The sun decided to pour its heat onto one of the most popular and anticipated summer celebrations available.

People from all over, weary of rain, responded in force by turning out in huge numbers to bask in the summer fun.

This year, many local Toastmaster clubs organized themselves to provide a strong presence at the festival.

Artistic James

Also participating in the 2009 Cactus Festival was Valley Town Toastmasters' own James Ferris.

James set up his own booth to proudly present his fantastic art work - scratch board etchings.


The 2009 Toastmaster Cactus Festival Committee wishes to express our sincere gratitude to the following Toastmasters for their active involvement in this successful event:
Nelson R  Blanco, Division L Governor, Ambitious City Toastmasters
Geneva Neale, Area 53 Governor, Access Toastmasters
Penny Batey, District 86 YLP Admin., Brampton Toastmasters
Alison Feierabend, McMaster Toastmasters
Fred Dewit, Valley Town Toastmasters
Gerri McManamy, Valley Town Toastmasters
Jonathan Spiegel, Valley Town Toastmasters
Judi Kruzins, Midday Marauders Toastmasters
Kenrick Chin, Valley Town Toastmasters
Tony Bratschitsch, Valley Town Toastmasters
Veronica Taylor, Access Toastmasters
Yolanda Miller, Valley Town Toastmasters
We also wish to thank the following:
Avis Brodie, District 86 Lt. Governor Marketing: brochures
Beverley Featherstone, Guest: booth help
Roger Ryan, DTM, retired Toastmaster: tent



The 2009 Cactus Festival kicked off with the parade on Thursday evening, August 13/09.
The Toastmaster procession was led by Valley Town TM's Yolanda Miller on her electric scooter.

Banner carriers were Gerri McManamy (Valley Town), Veronica Taylor (Access TM) and Kenrick Chin (Valley Town).
Marching behind were Nelson Ruiz Blanco (Division L Governor, Ambitious City TM), Jonathan Spiegel and Tony Bratschitsch (Valley Town).

Special thanks to Nelson and his family for marching with us and helping to distribute business cards to the parade watchers.

As Toastmasters, we were able to "parade" our multi-club enthusiasm with a family flavour!
Festival Report

Valley Town TM Vice-President of Publicity, Cam Goede, conducted committee meetings during July and August to organize such activities as the 2009 Cactus Festival.
We were able to secure a position in the kick-off parade and a 10' x 10' booth for the purpose of promoting awareness of the numerous benefits of Toastmasters International's initiatives, including the Youth Leadership Program, as presented by Penny Batey (above RH) of Brampton Toastmasters, District 86 Youth Leadership Program administrator.
Jonathan Spiegel, DTM, (side photo) chaired the Cactus Festival committee and invited numerous Toastmaster clubs to participate.
The Toastmaster booth was active Friday (6 - 10 PM), Saturday (10 AM - 10 PM) and Sunday (10 AM - 4 PM).
Results? We had visits from numerous people who expressed very serious intentions to visit local clubs ("I have heard about Toastmasters before and now I want to join."). We also had many guests stop by and collect hand-outs to bring to their organizations (business, schools, churches, etc.)