Golden Toaster 2011

The Golden Toaster is back!
This prized trophy was re-introduced to Area 51 on February 18, 2011 at its annual International Speech & Evaluation Contests.

Final 2010/2011
Score Board

McMaster              3
Ambitious City       2
Brant                     1
Valley Town         



Note: most recent photo reports were not submitted.

May 25, 2011: Ambitious City
Congratulations to Ambitious City Toastmasters for stealing the Golden Toaster!
With enthusiastic enery, incoming club executives Craig Addison (2nd from right in photo) and Mark Zdziebko (far right in photo) visited McMaster Toastmasters and demonstrated their own brand of daring and resolve.
Also pictured is Alison Feierabend and Tom Bering of McMaster Toastmasters as they graciously surrender the prized Golden Toaster.
Well done, Ambitious City!

May 9, 2011
: McMaster
In a daring raid McMaster Toastmasters has stolen the Golden Toaster from Brant Toastmasters!

As reported by Patrice Sterkenburg of Brant:
"A raiding party of three members from McMaster came out to Brant this evening and took part in our meeting. 
Alison Feierabend performed an inspiring speech entitled "If I Can, You Can." 
Mike Parchimowicz and Tom Bering both provided insightful and astute evaluations. 
Through their diligent efforts they earned the right to abscond with the Toaster and carry it back to McMaster.
Brant Toastmasters had liberated the Golden Toaster from Valley Town Toastmasters April 28th.

We thank the McMaster members for joining us tonight and for their most welcome contributions to our meeting."
McMaster Toastmasters has regained the lead!
Pictured above, left to right: Mike Parchimowicz, Alison Feierabend and Tom Bering of McMaster Toastmasters, Patrice Sterkenburg and Ken Klunder of Brant Toastmasters.


April 28, 2011: Brant

They came, they spoke, they evaluated, they stole!
Brant Toastmasters swiped the Golden Toaster!
Five members from our friendly neighbouring club in Brantford visited Valley Town Toastmasters to participate in the Area 51 Golden Toaster program.
This program was designed to encourage Toastmasters from other clubs to visit one another.
In "stealing" the Golden Toaster, Sara Hillis (far left) presented a speech and both Janice McDonald (third from left) and Ken Klunder (far right) gave evaluations.
Also visiting from Brant Toastmasters was Bill Jol (second from left) and Julia Sek (third from right).
Valley Town president, Kenrick Chin (second from right), is also pictured presenting the Golden Toaster to our friends.
Thank you, Brant Toastmasters, for the fun and good spirit that you brought to our meeting!


April 6, 2011: Valley Town

Valley Town Toastmasters raided the McMaster club and stole the Golden Toaster.
It was a fun evening and was well hosted by our friends from McMaster.
Pictured from Valley Town (left to right): Viola Mueller (ACB), Jeff Bonner, Tony Bratschitsch (ACS, ALB) and Jonathan Spiegel (DTM).
David T. Shaw (DTM) of the McMaster club is on the far right being shown graciously handing over the prized Golden Toaster.
The purpose of the Golden Toaster is to encourage Area 51 clubs to send their members to visit the other clubs.
To "steal" the Golden Toaster, Jonathan presented a manual speech and Tony provided an evaluation of a McMaster Toastmaster's project.

February 18, 2011: McMaster 
The McMaster Toastmaster Club won the inaugural Golden Toaster Award at the Area 51 International Speech Contest.
Kenrick Chin (centre), who found and refurbished the coveted prize, is pictured presenting the Golden Toaster to David T Shaw (right) as a result of his first place finish in the International Speech Contest.
Tom Bering, contest chair and also from the deserving McMaster club, is shown looking on with good cheer!
Well done, McMaster Toastmasters!