The ICE BREAKER is a Toastmaster's 1st speech. It is the one speech that every Toastmaster will always remember.


This page is dedicated to the The ICE BREAKERS of 2011



December 15, 2011

Evelyn MacDonald presented her ICE BREAKER - her first project of the Competent Communicator Manual.
That project's objectives are for new members to speak in front of an audience and to introduce themselves to the club.
Evelyn achieved those objectives extremely well by building on a theme that "everything happens for a reason".
She spoke about her family's background, her personal growth and career and about her two children - Katrina and Alexander.
Evelyn also described some of her challenges and setbacks but with a determination that she is continuing to move ahead with her dreams and goals.
It was an inspiring ICE BREAKER that reminded us that everything does happen for a reason.
Thank you, Evelyn!

August 25, 2011  
James Craig, pictured in this file photo, presented his first speech, the Ice Breaker.
It was a marvelous tale about his joys of rock climbing and sky diving while, at the same time, a frank self-assessment of his challenges in bettering his personal communication skills.
We are thrilled to share this adventure with you, James!



August 11, 2011
From front and centre of the lectern, Melissa Chan launched her first speech - the Ice Breaker - to her fellow Valley Town Toastmasters.
Titled "Learning & Growing - The Happiness", her speech was about her family and friends helping her along the way to achieving her goals.
Melissa also announced during her speech that she drove a "Bobcat" for the first time that day!
Great enthusiasm, Melissa!

August 4, 2011

Daniel Salonen presented his first speech, the ICE BREAKER, titled "The Mystery of Daniel Martin".

His topic was about gro wing up with his step-father, John Martin, who is also a member of Valley Town Toastmasters.

Daniel spoke about his first impressions with John and how their own relationship developed into one that is positive and nuturing.

Great Ice Breaker, Daniel!

July 7, 2011
Sergio DiGiovanni presented his first speech, the Ice Breaker.
"Serg" opened his talk with his family and education background.
He also spoke about his hobbies, marriage and professional accomplishments.
Then, Serg described how a traumatic, life-changing accident changed his course in life but did not deflect or deter his ambition to his live life to the fullest.
Fantastic speech, Serg!

April 21, 2011
Jim Panoff presented his first speech, the ICE BREAKER, titled "Any Given Day".
He spoke about the valuable services that he provides as a funeral home director to grieving families.
Jim spoke about the importance of compassion for others in their time of need.
It was an excellent speech about placing people ahead of business.
Well done, Jim!


April 14, 2011

Phyllis Miller presented her first speech, the Ice Breaker, titled "A New Beginning".

She talked about her decision to move her family to Canada and about her search for a new home.

Phyllis spoke about the differences in weather and culture that she and her children have experienced since they came to Canada.
Thank you, Phyllis, for sharing your new beginning with us!

March 24, 2011
Jeff Bonner presented his Ice Breaker with a speech on the "3 R's" of his life.
He talked about the importance of beliefs, family and profession in his life.
Jeff told us about the month that he spent overseas getting to know his wife's family before they married and about the many important aspects of being a real estate professional.
 Well done, Jeff! 


March 17, 2011

Marie-Louise Kallsen gave her first speech, the Ice Breaker, to a larger audience.
Titled "Bang Bang", her presentation was based on a series of memories and short stories from her personal experiences. One such experience included looking at the wrong end of a gun.
Excellent speech, Marie-Louise!


January 27, 2011
Carl Wais provided three examples of important influences in his life during his first speech, the Ice Breaker.

His belief in the importance and relevance of accurate information and research has taken him through a continuing journey of education and enlightenment.

Carl's speech was filled with gratitude to those who have guided him through that journey.

We look forward to learning and growing with him. Well done, Carl!
January 6, 2011
Param Matharu gave his first speech - the Ice Breaker - during Valley Town Toastmasters' first official meeting in its new venue, the Dundas Town Hall Auditorium.

Param spoke about arriving in Canada fourteen years ago with his parents and three siblings. From that time, he had a vision to pursue a life and career of his own making and desire.

Param talked about his two greatest passions - his own family including his wife and two children - and his career in the Information Technology industry.

An excellent speech from the heart!

Well done, Param!