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"Life is a journey . . . "

"Life is a journey . . ."

. . . with lots of twists and turns.

VALLEY TOWN TOASTMASTERS promotes "Confidence through Communication and Leadership".

We care about our members and their families and we hope that our program helps them steer a happier course through life.
This page is dedicated to highlight the memorable events that occur in our members' families' lives.

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June 28, 2011
As soon as you pick up the June 2011 issue of THE BAY OBSERVER, she is looking right at you - Maggie Szabo of Valley Town Toastmasters.
And the music world is looking right back at her!
Deservedly so.
They are finding out what we already know - that Maggie is talented, spirited and genuine.
 Way to go, Maggie!
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Staying Connected!
Mark Mullins' family is featured in the April 2011 issue of the Hillfield Strathallan College Review magazine.
Mark, who is a charter member of our club, is a graduate of the '74 class from the college.
The featured article outlines an amazing story of how Mark was able to help his son, Jeremy, get a job as a journalist in Cambodia through a connection from a fellow graduate (see below).
What a wonderful story!

In Cambodia

Valley Town Toastmaster charter member Mark Mullins (ACG, CL) recently traveled to Cambodia with his wife, Carrie, and son Torrin to visit his other son Jeremy who works at a local newspaper.
This photograph of Mark and Carrie riding an elephant was published in the Dundas Star News' January 20, 2011 edition.