Memory Lane 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters' Photo Album

January 9, 2012
Our club member Allyson Wenzowski was featured in The Hamilton Spectator newspaper's GO section.
Allyson was recognized for her exceptional taste in fashion based on reasonable cost.
Being a recognized leader in the local public relations media, Allyson never fails to impress with her fashion style and good sense.
Looking good, Allyson!

January 21, 2012
Sometimes, we can measure our growth by how well we work as a team.
We were able to do so at the Division L Club Officer Training & Work Shop session conducted at Bishop Tonnos High School.
Eleven of our club members were involved in the planning, organization, presentation, registration and set-up of this busy event.
For example, our registration team was able to accomodate 120 Toastmaster registrations with 30 minutes with minimal delay to the trainees.
Two of our club members, Karen Wood and Kenrick Chin, also presented the training for the Secretary and Treasurer positions.
Four of our club members, Tony Bratschitsch (Division L Governor), Kenrick Chin, Evelyn MacDonald and Beverley Featherstone are pictured in this photo by the "Express Registration" table.
Toastmasters who had not previously registered online were warmly greeted by Valley Town's Geneva Neale (left) and Amy Hunter at one of the "New Registrations" table.
To reduce line-ups and waiting time for registering Toastmasters, a second "New Registrations" table was administered by Phyllis Miller (left) and Maureen Hills.
A substantial amount of work was required to set up the tables and chairs in the registration area and inside the main meeting room.
At 9:00 AM sharp, the Phase II Club Officer Training started with our club president and Division L Governor Tony Bratschitsch addressing the large audience of Toastmasters.
Thank you to the following:
Amy Hunter
Beverley Featherstone
Evelyn MacDonald
Geneva Neale
Karen Wood
Kenrick Chin
Marie-Louise Kallsen
Maureen Hills
Phyllis Miller
Tony Bratschitsch
Valley Town Proud!


January 26, 2012

Valley Town Toastmasters held their annual International Speech & Evaluation Contests at their regular meeting location in the Dundas Town Hall auditorium.

Six Toastmasters took this opportunity to improve their presentation skills in a contest environment. Each speaker was required to deliver a relevant message to the audience within a 5 - 7 minute time period. Every contestant in a club's International Speech Contest has a chance to advance all the way to the world championship.

Pictured in the above photo (left to right) is Mark Mullins (1st Place), Allyson Wenzowski (2nd Place), Sergio DiGiovanni (3rd Place) and the Contest Chair.

Mark and Allyson have the opportunity to represent Valley Town Toastmasters at the Area 51 International Speech Contest in Brantford on March 5, 2012.

Four Toastmasters vied for top honours in the Evaluation Contest. Each one was striving to provide motivational and constructive criticism to the same speech provided by a "target speaker".
Every contestant in a club's Evaluation Contest has an opportunity to advance to the District 86 Championship in May, 2012 in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Shown in the above photo is Jonathan Spiegel (1st Place), Contest Chair Pauline Wall (President of Brant Toastmasters), Kate Cave (3rd Place) and Marie-Louise Kallsen (2nd Place).

Jonathan and Marie-Louise will be able to represent our club at Area 51's Evaluation Contest, also on March 5, 2012.

Thank you every one for helping to make this evening a successful event and a memorable evening.

A special thank you to Heather Rush of the Hamilton TSO Toastmaster Club for being our Target Speaker.

February 16, 2012
Allyson Wenzowski "produced" a radio talk show while presenting an advanced project from the "Public Relations" manual.
Along with a fictional talk show, Allyson participated in an interview about the benefits of a local community-focused organization.
The five minute presentation was followed with a question and answer period from the audience.
This was a thoroughly well prepared production that revealed some of the many benefits of a great service club while enabling Allyson to enhance her already impressive public relations skills.
Well done, Allyson!

New Member!
February 23, 2012
Marie Pavone joined Valley Town Toastmasters as a new member.
She is a resident of Ancaster and operates two businesses.
Marie joined Toastmasters to improve her presentation skills.
She is pictured in the centre of the photo with Karen Wood, Meeting Chair (left) and Kate Cave, Induction Chair (right).
Welcome, Marie!

New Member!
February 23, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters inducted Justin Rumble into our club as a new member. 
Justin met one of our club members at the "It's Your Festival" event in Hamilton last summer and attended some of our meetings since then.
He is a resident of Hamilton and joined Toastmasters to improve his comfort with public speaking.
Justin is shown in the photo with Karen Wood, Meeting Chair (left) and Kate Cave, Induction Chair (right).
Welcome, Justin!

New Member!
February 23, 2012
Mihaela Hanu was welcomed into Valley Town Toastmasters as a new member.
Mihaela is a resident of Hamilton and is working on completing her Masters of Business Administration degree in Toronto.
She joined Toastmasters to improve her presentation skills.
Mihaela is pictured in the centre of the photo with Karen Wood, Meeting Chair (left) and Kate Cave, Induction Chair (right).
Welcome, Mihaela!

Reach for the Stars!
March 20, 2012
On this beautiful Tuesday evening, many members from Valley Town Toastmasters along with guests attended a private viewing of our neighbouring galaxies at the McCallion Planetarium in McMaster University.
It was a fascinating evening that commenced with visiting Toastmaster Kenrick Chin's (2nd from the right) technical labratory within the Burke Sciences Building.
Upon entering the planetarium, moderator Michael took us on a journey from the beginning of time to the present.
Along the way, we explored newly found star systems and we also examined ancient constellations. 
Afterwards, our group went to a local sushi restaurant and enjoyed an incredible evening of excellent food and great companionship.
The stars were certainly out that night!
Thank you to Viola Mueller for designing the beautiful "Reach for the Stars" banner.

March 24, 2012
 The Dundas Home & Lifestyle Fair, presented by the Rotary Club of Dundas, was the scene of extensive activities by members of Valley Town Toastmasters.
Jonathan Spiegel (left in photo) and Tony Bratschitsch were working the club's information table during the busy event.

On centre stage throughout the show, Allyson Wenzowski and Viola Mueller, in their capacity as Rotarians, regaled the large audiences with fashion presentations involving radio personalities and local business people.

Abeer Musleh
proudly show cased her newly launched business, Home Staging Accents, which provides services to improve homing showings and sales.
Judy Shepalo, a reknown and respected real estate agent was also demonstrating her specialty services which is dedicated to serving seniors during transitions in life.
Not pictured in this story but also working at the show was Mark Mullins in the Dundas Tennis Club's booth.

Valley Town Toastmasters are grateful to the Rotary Club of Dundas for the opportunity to show our successes to the community.
Valley Town Proud!

March 30, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters hosted the DIVISION L INTERNATIONAL SPEECH & EVALUATION CONTESTS on Friday evening at its meeting location, the Dundas Town Hall Upper Auditorium.
160 Toastmasters and guests from the 30 clubs throughout Division L attended to support the winners of the seven Areas in their attempt to advance to the District 86 finals in Richmond Hill on May 4-6, 2012.
Many members from Valley Town helped with the event by setting up the room, preparing food, and administrating the contests, themselves.
Mark Mullins, from Valley Town Toastmasters, was the Contest Chair for the Evaluation Contest.
Mark is pictured in the above photo on the far left with the finalists.
This was the largest event that our club has handled and most likely was a record contest turnout for Division L.
Congratulations to all of those from Valley Town who contributed to the betterment of Toastmasters.
Valley Town Proud!
Amy Hunter, Chief Timer, Food Preparation
Beverley Featherstone, Registrar, Timer
Karen Wood, Administrator, Counter
Kate Cave, Administrator, Counter
Kenrick Chin, Timer, Equipment
Mark Mullins, Contest Chair
Maureen Hills, Registrar, Counter
Tony Bratschitsch, Event Chair, Division L Governor

April 5, 2012

Congratulations to Beverley Featherstone for achieving her Competent Communicator certification!

She has worked very hard presenting her ten speech projects from the Toastmaster basic manual.

Beverley is pictured receiving her certificate from the evening chair.

Way to go, Beverley!

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media

April 13, 2012

The weekly issues of the Ancaster News and Dundas Star published a photograph of the Division L Evaluation Contestants along with Valley Town Toastmasters' Mark Mullins (far left) who chaired the contest.

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media

April 17, 2012
Allyson Wenzowski of our club was featured in today's Hamilton Spectator newspaper.

She chaired a panel discussion on growing the Hamilton area's transportation network.

Allyson is well known in the Hamilton area for her community spirit and civic leadership.

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media
April 19, 2012
Valley Town Toastmaster Viola Mueller is pictured in the centre of the photo while volunteering her time to renovate the Dundas Tennis Club's clubhouse.
With or without a raquet, Viola is a tennis star!

April 29, 2012
Two members of Valley Town Toastmasters volunteered their time to judge at the 9th Annual Ontario Air Cadet Debate Competition at Mohawk College in Hamilton.
Karen Wood (far right) and Tony Bratschitsch are pictured in the above photo with some of the participants.
20 squadrons converged with a "duty to clash" to compete for debate supremacy.
This event was another opportunity for Toastmasters to make a contribution to our community while practicing and expanding their communication and leadership skills.

May 3, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters elected a new executive for the upcoming year commencing July 1, 2012.
Pictured in the above photo, left to right, is Tony Bratschitsch (VP Education and VP Public Relations), Jurek Smolen (Sergeant-At-Arms), Karen Wood (President), Kate Cave (Secretary) and Kenrick Chin (Treasurer).
Congratulations to our new executive team!


May 17, 2012

Congratulations to Jonathan Spiegel for earning another Competent Communicator award!

Jonathan has long ago achieved the Distinguished Toastmaster designation - the highest Toastmaster level.

Yet, he continues to improve his communication skills by preparing and presenting speeches from various Toastmaster manuals.

Jonathan is pictured receiving his award from Marie Pavone, evening Chair.

Although the Competent Toastmaster level is the first one that all Toastmasters take, it is considered to be the most valuable training in improving personal communications.

Many Toastmasters have redone the CC to their satisfaction and self-improvement.

Thank you. Jonathan, for the inspiration!


June 9, 2012

In support of our club member, Division L Governor Tony Bratschitsch, Valley Town Toastmasters hosted the division's Phase I Club Officer Training at Bishop Tonnos High School in Ancaster.

In what turned out to be the best attended division training session in memory, 145 people participated in officer training and special work shops.

Planning, organizing and administering such an event requires considerable team work.

Food and beverages have to be prepared, rooms have to be set up with signage and all of the attendees have to be registered within 30 minutes.

These tasks were well performed by these members of Valley Town Toastmasters:

Beverley Featherstone
Carl Wais
Karen Wood
Kate Cave
Kenrick Chin
Judy Shepalo
Jurek Smolen
Tony Bratschitsch

Karen Wood (Secretary) and Kenrick Chin (Treasurer) also provided officer training sessions.

Thank you, everyone.

Valley Town proud!

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media

June 16, 2012

Often, Toastmasters are requested by other organizations to demonstrate their expertise and skills for various purposes.

Club president and Division L Governor Tony Bratschitsch - along with fellow Toastmaster Mon J Gamil of the Trafalgar club - had the opportunity to present an one-hour speech to the Young Taiwanese Merchants Association of Toronto.

The presentation was titled "Communicating for Success - Overcoming Cultural Barriers".

LOTS OF RAIN - but not rained out!
Barbecue Report
June 21, 2012
Despite lots of rain, our June barbecue was another successful event.
A lot of Toastmasters from throughout the Greater Hamilton/Burlington Area and the Niagara Peninsula attended this soggy version of our summer barbecue.
Once again, the event was hosted by Jonathan Spiegel and the live musical entertainment was provided by Kenrick Chin and Mark Mullins.
Lots of excellent food was provided by everyone and there were no shortages of our usual favourites - good ol' barbecued hot dogs and hamburgers!
Thanks to Sergio DiGiovanni, we had this delicious and memorable cake for dessert.
Thank you to everyone for helping to make our June Barbecue another success.


June 28, 2012

Valley Town Toastmasters were thrilled to recognize Karen Wood for achieving two educational awards - the Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) and Competent Leader (CL).

Both awards represent significant achievements in the two Toastmaster "tracks" - communication and leadership.

Karen is pictured on the right in the photo accepting her certificates from evening chair, Marie-Louise Kallsen.

Congratulations, Karen!


June 28, 2012

Valley Town Toastmasters were pleased to welcome Sue Wunderlich as a new member.

Sue is a Hamilton resident who wishes to further develop her communication skills to prepare for a new career opportunity.

She is pictured on the left in the photo being greeted by evening Chair, Marie-Louise Kallsen.

Welcome, Sue!

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media
The Toast of the Town
July 18, 2012
In preparation for the upcoming Cactus Festival (August 16 - 19), the Dundas Star News published an article on Valley Town Toastmasters.
It was appropriate that the "face" of Valley Town Toastmasters was that of Kenrick Chin - a dedicated stalwart of our club.
Kenrick is pictured driving his famous creation - the "Traveling Toaster" - during last year's Cactus Festival Parade.
If we haven't said it before, we can't say it enough - Thank you, Kenrick!

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media
July 21, 2012
Our fellow club member Sergio DiGiovanni was recently featured in the ONTARIO BRAIN INJURY ASSOCIATION (OBIA) Review Magazine's June/2012 issue.
Published in the magazine's "Survivor Stories" section is a remarkable three-page odessey of Sergio's efforts to overcome challenges from an accident incurred brain injury.
As OBIA justifiably celebrates Sergio's survivor story, we herald his ongoing successes that inspire all of us to do the best we can with what we have.
Congratulations, Serg!



July 26, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters of Dundas conducted their July “Speech & Evaluation” club contests.
The Speech Contest winners were Karen Wood (1st Place) and David Harfield (2nd Place).
Karen and David were recognized for achieving the objectives of their presentation projects by delivering clear, well-supported messages in an entertaining manner.
The Evaluation Contest winners were Maureen Hills (1st Place),
pictured on the right in the photo, and Sue Wunderlich (2nd Place).
Maureen and Sue demonstrated excellent evaluation skills when they delivered verbal analysis of speech projects.
Thank you to everyone who participated in our monthly club contest.
Laughing & Learning!

August 16 - 19, 2012
August 19, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters enjoyed an outstanding performance at its major annual show case event - the Cactus Festival.
Our Parade Master, Jonathan Spiegel, arranged support from our neighbouring Toastmaster clubs to achieve a record turnout for the Cactus Festival Parade on Thursday.
There were 33 Toastmasters, friends and family marching in our Yellow & Blue colours with matching umbrellas and balloons.
This turnout was more than double our previous record of two years ago.
Along the 2.2 kilometre route, we passed out more than 400 information cards and we had received our first inquiry via "text" even before we finished the parade.
As previously published in the Ancaster and Dundas weekly newspapers, the Cactus Festival audience was treated to the much anticipated return of the "Travelling Toaster", driven by its creator, Kenrick Chin.
Afterward, from Friday through Sunday, our team of Toastmasters provided information to interested members of the public.
As a result, Valley Town Toastmasters and other local clubs can look forward to seeing more guests at their upcoming meetings.
Thank you, everyone, for your support and good wishes.
Toastmaster Proud!

August 23, 2012
The members of Valley Town Toastmasters earned their highest club award in its 18-year history - the President's Distinguished Club Award - for the past year, 2011-2012.
The President's Distinguished Club status is the highest of three levels that is awarded by Toastmasters International to clubs that provide excellence and value to its members.
Pictured above is current club president, Karen Wood, proudly holding the Recognition Ribbon with past president, Tony Bratschitsch.
Congratulations to all of the our members for earning this prestigious club award.
Valley Town Proud!

August 30, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters were thrilled to welcome Esther Smith (left in photo) as our newest member.
Esther is an Ancaster resident who joined Toastmasters to improve her public speaking.
She is a family-oriented "outdoors" person who enjoys boating and cottaging.
Esther is pictured being greeted by the evening chair, Marie Pavone.
Welcome, Esther!
September 6, 2012
Our club was pleased to welcome Sujith Abraham (right in photo) as our newest member.
Sujith is a fairly new resident of Dundas and is a medical professional and enjoys music, photography and travel.
He joined Toastmasters to improve his presentation skills.
We look forward to growing with you, Sujith!

September 13, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters were treated to a special musical presentation by Mon J Gamil (DTM) from Burlington Advanced Toastmasters.
Mon crafted a personal story to accompany the lyrics and music that he presented with his guitar, Black Shadow.
Thank you, Mon, for reaching out to touch us!

September 20, 2012
Sujith Abraham presented his first speech - the ICE BREAKER - titled "Wonders".
He spoke about growing up in his native land and moving to Canada.
Sujith's "wonders" included Canada, his first impression of winter, his first Canadian job and, most importantly, his family.
Speaking with confidence, Sujith demonstrated the drive and determination that has made him successful in his pursuits.
Superb presentation, Sujith!

September 27, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters conducted their official Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contests in front of a large audience of members and guests.
Four contestants - Jonathan Spiegel, Kenrick Chin, Sue Wunderlich and Tony Bratschitsch - participated in the Table Topics contest.
Their challenge was to present impromptu 2-minute presentations on a secret phrase which, in this case, was "Harvest Moon".
In the above photo, Area 51 Governor Joe Raab (far left) and Chief Judge Karen Wood present 1st place finisher Tony Bratschitsch (2nd from left) and 2nd place finisher Jonathan Spiegel with their certificates.
The Humorous Speech Contest saw six contestants - Jonathan Spiegel, Karen Wood, Marie Pavone, Murray Slaney, Sergio DiGiovanni and Tony Bratschitsch - entertain the audience with entertaining and funny stories of 7 minutes duration each.
Area 51 Governor Joe Raab (far left) and Contest Chair Gary Reid (far right) are pictured awarding the certificates to 1st place finisher Tony Bratschitsch, 2nd place finisher Jonathan Spiegel and 3rd place finisher Karen Wood.
Tony and Jonathan will represent Valley Town Toastmasters at the Area 51 Contests being held on Friday, October 12 (7 PM) at the Dundas Town Hall.
Congratulations to all of the contestants and thank you to all of the members who helped with officiating and refreshments!

October 11, 2012
It was with great pleasure that Valley Town Toastmasters inducted Hui Zhoa as a member of our club.
Zhao had visited our club a few times before and he enjoyed the warm and friendly environment as he participated in our Table Topics sessions.
He is a resident of west Hamilton and he joined Toastmasters to improve his confidence in speaking in front of others.
Zhao is pictured being greeted by evening Chair Imelda Esporlas-Jewer.
Welcome, Zhao!

October 18, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters presented a beautiful gift basket to the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Royal Canadian Legion in Dundas.
Abeer Musleh (right in photo) worked hard and applied her artistic touch in preparing the large basket along with Karen Wood (left in photo).
The contents of the basket were provided for by the generous contributions of the members of our club.
Our gift will be among others being raffled by the Ladies' Auxiliary to raise funds for their fantastic community events.
As a club, we have enjoyed the Legion's generosity and warmth of their friendhip over the last five years.
It was a wonderful opportunity to return some of that friendship.
Also pictured in the photo is Kenrick Chin as he admires the gift.
Well done, everyone!

October 18, 2012
It was a fitting location
for Esther Smith's first speech - her Ice Breaker.
In the Wentworth Room of the Royal Canadian Legion in Dundas, surrounded by memorabilia, Esther gave tribute to her father with a speech titled "My Father's Daughter".
Buoyed by a spirit of love and gratitude, Esther overcame her nervousness to deliver a remarkable speech that will long be remembered by our club.
Superb presentation, Esther!



October 26, 2012

Valley Town Toastmaster Tony Bratschitsch (2nd from left in photo) won the Division L Table Topics Contest.

"Table Topics" is an impromptu two-minute speech based on a specially selected word or phrase.

This exercise tests the participants' ability to think on their feet.

The contest's phrase was "This versus That".

This was Tony's 2nd Division L championship with the first being in 2009.

Valley Town proud!

November 1, 2012
At this meeting, Valley Town Toastmasters were presented with a special gift from Kelly Massie of Stoney Creek.
Kelly made a 76 centimeter (30") gavel for our club with a plaque on its head.
In Toastmasters, the gavel represents an individual's right to speak.
With the Giant Gavel, Valley Town Toastmasters will continue to honour that spirit in a big way!
Kelly is pictured receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from Karen Wood, President of Valley Town Toastmasters.
Our club will plan to use the Giant Gavel at special meetings and ceremonies.
Thank you, Kelly!

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media
November 1, 2012
Valley Town Toastmaster Imelda Esporlas-Jewer and her daughter, Jaime, were featured in the Dundas Star News along with performers from the Ballet Jorgen.
If you look closely, the lovely photo was credited to Allyson Wenzowski, also of Valley Town Toastmasters.

November 15, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters was accepted into Toastmasters International's "Founder's Club" for encouraging and supporting the founding of a new club - The Executive Yacht Club for Toastmasters (Club No. 2490773) of Grimsby, Ontario.
Club President Karen Wood and Immediate Past-President Tony Bratschitsch are pictured holding the Founder's Club Ribbon.

November 15, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters recognized its first Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) when Tony Bratschitsch received his plaque from Toastmasters International.
The Distinguished Toastmaster is the organization's highest educational designation and is achieved after a member completes the requirements of the communication and education tracks.
Although our club has DTMs who have joined us from other clubs, Tony is the first member to have joined Valley Town that has achieved this level.
He is pictured in the photo with Kate Cave, club secretary.

November 16, 2012
The Toastmasters District 86 Fall Conference began with its "Fun Night" festivities with a huge Valley Town flavour.
The Fun Night (and Conference) opened with a procession consisting of our Giant Gavel (carried by Jonathan Spiegel) and the Travelling Toaster (driven by Kenrick Chin) being piped into the Grand Ball Room at the Kitchener Delta Hotel by a Scottish piper.
The Travelling Toaster is pictured above in the centre of the Grand Ball Room after its entrance and circular tour of the room to the delight of the spectators.
Thank you to Kenrick and Jonathan for supporting the "Toasterfest" theme in such a superb manner.
Valley Town Proud!

Honour Roll
November 17, 2012
Our club member, Tony Bratschitsch, was recognized at the District 86 Fall Conference as the Division Governor Of The Year for 2011-2012.
As Division L Governor, Tony was part of the team that guided its 31 clubs to the President's Distinguished Division status during the previous year.
The Division L team, including its seven Area Governors, were successful in organizing some of the most successful events in the district.
Good going, Tony!

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media
November 29, 2012
The Hamilton Spectator newspaper featured Viola Mueller's artistic decoration of her home for the 37th annual Holiday House Tour.
With pictures and stories that spanned over two pages, the Spectator described Viola's practical approach to a beautiful and subtle Christmas decor.
Viola is well known and recognized as a volunteer for many community organizations that bring good things to the needy in our society.
Once again, she shows that beauty and creativity starts in the home.
Beautiful work, Viola!

December 6, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters were pleased to induct Nina Goncharenko into our club.
Nina is an avowed naturalist who, backed by her Masters in Biology, lives her passion as a self-employed gardner.
She is a resident of Hamilton who loves reading and nature-walking.
Nina joined Toastmasters to improve her comfort level with freely expressing her thoughts.
She is pictured with evening chair and VP Membership, Artur Filc.
Welcome, Nina!

December 10, 2012
In a daring raid, five members from our club invaded Brant Toastmasters to steal the coveted Golden Toaster.
Pictured from left to right are Valley Town Toastmasters Artur Filc, Jonathan Spiegel, Tony Bratschitsch, Esther Smith and Karen Wood receiving the well-earned GOLDEN TOASTER from Ken Klunder of Brant Toastmasters.
Karen Wood, club president, was flying high with her speech about the Wright brothers first flight at Kitty Hawk.
Jonathan Spiegel rounded off the official team by providing an depth evaluation of a Brant Toastmaster's speech objectives.
Esther Smith and Artur Filc joined the raid as supporters and helped the host club by filling in with roles.
Tony Bratschitsch jumped in with a speech and won the Best Speaker award.
He is pictured above receiving the award along with the Best Evaluator recipient, Pauline Wall, of Brant Toastmasters.
The host club's meeting theme was "Sports" and our friends at Brant Toastmasters certainly were good ones!

December 13, 2012
An extended version of the Youth Leadership Program was completed with the graduation ceremony of a class from the Dundas Valley Home School Co-Operative (DVHS Co-Op).
The modified twelve week program was conducted by Karen Wood, head instructor (far right in above photo), and Imelda Esporlas-Jewer (far left) along with the support of many Valley Town Toastmasters.
Pictured (from left to right) in the above photo are the deserving graduates, as follows:
Back Row: Carson Visser, Colin Gillis, Adrian Faber, Jonathan Walkden
Middle Row: Marquesa Kierstead, Ashley Tomic, Sydney Coghill
Front Row: Elise Powell, Leanne Balamut, Victoria Tomic.
Abby Teeuwsen was absent when the photo was taken.
The DVHSC students excelled in their presentations of speeches, evaluations, impromptu talks (Table Topics), debates, parliamentary procedures, meeting organization and officer roles.
DVHSC student Elise Powell is pictured presenting gifts of appreciation to Karen and Imelda.
Well done, everyone!

December 13, 2012
Valley Town Toastmasters were pleased to induct William Sussex (left in photo) into the club.
William is a resident of Dundas and enjoys cooking, gardening and reading.
He joined Toastmasters to improve his comfort level with speaking to groups of people.
William is shown in the above photo being greeted by Artur Filc, Vice-President Membership.
Welcome, William!

December 15, 2012
Great food! Lovely decorations! Joyful singing! Entertaining music! A wonderful Santa! Fantastic people and, of course....Charlie!
It was a superb Christmas party!
Held at the Legion and organized by a wide cast of members, we laughed, sang, ate and drank with friends and family.
Imelda Esporlas-Jewer led us early on with the singing of a Christmas carol that kicked off a merry and festive mood.
"Wishful Santa" took away our written wishes for 2013 which will help us prosper during the new year.
"Charlie" (also known as "Charlie the Charmer") made a special, unannounced appearance to the delight of all.
Besides introducing our somber executive to its new look (upper right photo), Charlie also led our chorus of singers in a rendition of Christmas carols (left photo).
We enjoyed the lovely singing of our party choir and the stirring musical performance of the band, which included our friend, Mon Gamil (keyboard) and club members Kenrick Chin (guitar) and Mark Mullins (drums).
Kenrick's wife Julie (front right) and her friend, Wendy (front centre), and club president, Karen Wood, led our choir after a number of practices with the band.
Their efforts in helping to make this Christmas party a memorable event is greatly appreciated by our club.
Special thanks to Mon for travelling a long distance to set up his musical equipment so early in the afternoon.
Mon also regaled us with some masterful solo performances that were touching and heart rendering.
Special thanks also to:
John Martin, Party Chair
Karen Wood, Set-Up Chair
Kenrick Chin, Entertainment Chair
Sue Wunderlich, Food Chair
Viola Mueller, Decorations Chair & Table Topics Chair
Viola created the beautiful table centre pieces such as the one in the top photo.
Thank you to every one for a wonderful time!

Valley Town Toastmasters in the Media
The Apple of his "i"
December 28, 2012
The Hamilton Spectator featured our club member Sergio DiGiovanni in its Business Section with his application for the Apple iPhone.
When it had its debut last August, Serg's Qcard app was able to help memory challenged people in our society lead more satisfying and productive lives.
The Qcard's successes continue to mount as Serg markets it to institutions and organizations that are dedicated to supporting that growing segment of our population.
Serg continues to add features to his app that adds even more value to an already wonderful and much needed product.
Way to go, Serg!