Memory Lane 2010

Valley Town Toastmasters' Photo Album 

Valley Town Toastmasters conducted the 2010
International Speech and Evaluation Contests on Thursday, February 25/10.

Kenrick Chin, CC, (left) was the Contest Chair and Gary Reid, ATM, was the Chief Judge.

The Evaluation Contest had four contestants with Jonathan Spiegel, DTM, pictured right (file photo) winning and Tony Bratschitsch, ACB, CL, finishing in second.

The International Speech Contest also had four contestants with Tony Bratschitsch being the winner and Gerri McManamy, CC, earning second.

The two two place winners of both contests advance to the Area 53 Contest that will be held on Wednesday, March 10.

On Wednesday, March 3/10, at 12:00 noon, Karen Wood, CC, was the Target Speaker for Midday Marauders Toastmasters' evaluation contest.

While presenting "Grandma's Apron", Karen (centre photo) tied on an apron and described its symbolism to her memories of her grandmother, her cooking and passion for family.Pictured alongside Karen is Joan McGaw, DTM (right), contest chair and Gerri McManamy, CC (left), Valley Town supporter. Also present from Valley Town was Tony Bratschitsch (camera).

On Monday, March 8, 2010, Karen Wood, CC, presented the Test Speech for the Lakeshore-In-Depth Advanced Toastmaster Club (No. 9912) in Thorold, Ontario.

Contest Chair, Lyn Jutras, CC, pictured on the left in the photo, welcomed and congratulated Karen on her enthusiasm and dedication.

This was Karen's second target (test) speech in two weeks and represents the spirit of self-improvement through the Toastmaster program.

Valley Town Toastmasters hosted the Area 53 International Speech and Evaluation Contests on Wednesday, March 10, 2010, at the Dundas Royal Canadian Legion.

All three clubs - First Waterdown, Hamilton TSO and Valley Town - were well represented by contestants, officials and spectators.

Area Governor Geneva Neale was the Chair for the Evaluation Contest which was contested by four Toastmasters from First Waterdown and Valley Town.

The top two place winners were Tony Bratschitsch, ACB, CL, and Jonathan Spiegel, DTM, both from Valley Town.

Rob Eickmeier, CC, of First Waterdown was the Chief Judge for the
International Speech Contest which featured six contestants from all three clubs. The top two place winners were Tony Bratschitsch and Gerri McManamy, CC, of Valley Town Toastmasters.

Tony will proceed to represent Area 53 at the Division L Contest in Burlington on Friday, March 26, 2010.

The Division L International Speech and Evaluation Contests were held in Burlington on Friday, March 26, 2010.

In attendance from Valley Town Toastmasters, pictured in V-formation from left to right, were Kathie Walker, Patrice Bernard, CC, Jonathan Spiegel, DTM, Amy Hunter, Karen Wood, CC, Area 53 Governor Geneva Neale and Gerri McManamy, CC, as well as our two-contest contestant, Tony Bratschitsch, ACB, CL.

Tony presented his speech titled "Through the Gates" and earned 2nd place in the International Speech Contest.

He is seen pictured here with Area 53 Governor Geneva Neale.