Valley Town Toastmasters

Dundas, Ontario

A message from our executive committee to our members.

Immediately upon assuming office, on July 2/09, Valley Town Toastmasters' outgoing and incoming executive committees met to review the past term and to plan for the following year.

During that meeting, it was agreed that our upcoming VISION would be called:

“Laughing & Learning”

We determined that our goals were to further enhance our members' Toastmaster experience while growing our membership.

To achieve those objectives, we worked on two plans:

PLAN 25: this is where our roster would sit at 25 active members and our weekly meetings would provide for four speakers as well as our other activities. We have decided on improving the way that our meetings are planned and managed, including different ways of record keeping. Therefore, this plan addresses "qualitative" improvements to what we have done in the past.

PLAN 50: this is where our membership would continue to grow up to 50 active members and, yet, still provide for four speakers per meeting and to include Plan 25's qualitative improvements.


2011/2012 VISION